ABB Expands to Dallas with the Integration of The Conley Group

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ABB receives the IIBEC –2024 Excellence in Building Enclosure Consultant Award in the Roofing Category

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Making Buildings Perform

Making Buildings Perform

Allana Buick & Bers, Inc. (ABB) is a leading Architectural Engineering firm with over 37 years of experience specializing in making buildings perform better. Our core “trade level” expertise and strengths are in all exterior façade trades, curtain wall and glazing, roofing and waterproofing, HVAC and plumbing, energy efficiency, structural engineering, and construction management. We perform investigation, testing, engineering design, and prepare construction documents for both remedial and new construction projects. For both new construction and existing buildings, our services result in enhanced building performance by making them energy efficient, longer lasting with lower operating costs, and by reducing risk during construction.

The Knowledge We Collect Sets Us Apart

ABB draws upon years of experience in achieving high-performance and durable building enclosures, utilizing the knowledge gained from thorough building envelope analysis. Durable and long-lasting construction is often a combination of selecting durable materials, designing it for appropriate use and installing it correctly. Sustainable building envelope designs benefit both the building’s occupants and the surrounding community. The improved energy efficiency produces a measurable benefit for the building’s owners.

Setting Our Approach Apart:

We excel in failure analysis, surpassing national peers. Unlike others, we integrate findings into design, not just expert testimony. Our expertise allows us to enhance projects.

Additionally, we excel in client-centric solutions. Informed by our forensic work, we offer diverse, budget-conscious options. Our unmatched ability to communicate associated risks sets us apart.

The Foundation of Our Methodology:

Initially, founder Karim Allana, focused on repairs which naturally led to addressing existing issues. ABB’s proficiency in litigation and forensics complemented these efforts.

Education and effective communication are key to successfully minimizing construction risks.

Guided by seasoned leaders, our diverse team propels the industry forward and fosters long-lasting client relationships. Our unique strength lies in seamlessly combining trade expertise with unparalleled engineering and architectural acumen.

37 Years of Trade-Level Experience

For over 37 years, ABB has been working with Architects, Contractors, Developers, Building Owners, and Construction Defect Attorneys to build, diagnose, and repair virtually all building types.


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ABB offers seminars and training classes. All of these courses provide AIA Continuing Education Learning Units.

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