Defect Analysis and High-Level Reporting

Allana Buick & Bers (ABB) provides objective technical assessment of as built construction and defect analysis for design professionals, manufacturers, owners, and contractors.

Our experts have experience investigating almost every type of structure imaginable, including multi-family and single-family homes, commercial and industrial buildings, educational facilities, airports, high-rises and below-grade structures. We have successfully testified on the most detrimental of construction issues affecting safety, quality, cost, and time.

Our forensic experience includes testifying for construction defects, manufacturing issues, cost estimating, scheduling issues, and standard of care.

ABB staff has extensive experience conducting both destructive and non-invasive testing and analysis for construction defects.

Our investigation methods include random testing protocols, evaluation of original construction documents and review of maintenance history.

ABB assessment reports include referencing building code violations, non-conformance to manufacturer’s requirements and industry standards.

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