Asset Management Services

Our Asset Management Program predicts cost savings and expenditures, controls building conditions, and streamlines maintenance and representatives. In an ideal world, when nothing is going wrong, you are not paying costly, idle overhead. When something does go wrong, the most relevant experts solve your problem in the most cost-efficient way possible.

ABB’s Asset Management Program (AMP):

ABB has internally developed our distinctive Asset Management Program (AMP) with the goal of remotely centralizing control over building assets. This program encompasses several key components:

  • Regular Inspections to ensure the maintenance of warranties.
  • Contractor Leverage to execute routine maintenance tasks efficiently.
  • On standby 24/7 to address emergency leak repairs and equipment breakdowns.
  • Support creating 10-year budgets for both capital improvement and routine maintenance projects.
  • Effective Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) program development

Value of ABB’s AMP program over traditional facility management:

  • Industry Expertise: We tap into industry contacts and utilize our in-house technical expertise.
  • Project Management: We handle the entire project lifecycle, from in-house engineering and design to competitive bidding and subcontractor management.
  • Equipment Relationships: ABB maintains relationships with major equipment manufacturers, securing direct purchases at significant discounts.
  • Cost Savings: By overseeing labor-only installations, we can achieve up to 30% savings on construction costs.
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint: Our services inherently lower company-wide carbon use throughout the supply chain.

Portfolio-Wide Condition Assessments and Capitol Planning

ABB specializes in providing tailored solutions for Portfolio-Wide Condition Assessments and Capital Planning. We assist clients, such as property owners, developers, and organizations managing multiple assets, in evaluating and strategically planning for the entire portfolio of properties.

Short-term / long-term project and budget planning

ABB excels in assisting clients with short-term and long-term project planning, coupled with effective budget management. Our expertise, collaborative approach, and commitment to customization contribute to the successful realization of client goals and objectives.

Prefered Pre-Qualified Contractor Network

Pre-Qualified Preferred Contractors network with 300+ local contractors represents a robust and reliable community of construction professionals. The network provides benefits in terms of trust, efficiency, regional expertise, and collaborative opportunities, making it an advantageous resource for clients seeking our services.

Project management

ABB’s asset management program with dedicated project managers embodies a holistic and strategic approach to optimize the performance and value of assets. Through personalized management, strategic planning, and a commitment to continuous improvement, the program aims to deliver tangible benefits for clients..

Web-based data management

ABB offers a web-based secure Asset Management Platform. This platform allows organizations to predict costs, manage emergency leak and HVAC repairs, and streamline maintenance and replacements.

Management of 24/7 emergency response

Successfully managing 24/7 emergency repairs demands a proactive approach with a skilled response team, clear communication, efficient resource mobilization, and a commitment to continuous improvement for timely and effective resolutions.

Asset Management Projects

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ABB offers seminars and training classes. All of these courses provide AIA Continuing Education Learning Units.

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