Forensic Investigation and Testing

We have the most sophisticated non-destructive tools in the business to analyze structures such as, portable x-ray technology, Infra-red camera, x-ray fluorescence analyzer (XRF), Nuclear Troxler moisture gauge, Electronic Leak Detection, and other capacitance and conductance-based moisture measuring gauges. We also have technicians that perform industry standard water tests per ASTM and AAMA protocol.

Note: The Statutes of Limitations for bringing a lawsuit is a very convoluted issue and dependent upon the facts of each case and the state that the property is located. As a rule, in most states you have 10 years from the time the construction took place, however, you have three years after discovery of a defective condition to file a lawsuit. Washington State and some other parts of the country have very different law regarding Statutes of Limitations. In the event you are aware of water leaks, staining, mold or other water related conditions in your home, it is strongly recommended that you consult with your attorney to discuss the applicable Statutes of Limitations.

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