Cast Iron Plumbing

Building plumbing and hot water systems are often taken for granted until problems surface. Lack of hot water, water pressure, or failed drain lines can instantly have a negative impact on business and living conditions. Plumbing systems in buildings (particularly in the piping components) are prone to multiple types of failure related to a variety of corrosion mechanics, cleaning processes, and poor management of materials entering the waste piping.

Water supply pipe is subject to erosion, corrosion, or pitting due to municipal treatment practices, excessive flow velocity, poor installation practices, or high resistance pipe layout.

Failed pressure booster systems can result in a lack of water pressure, while improperly operating pressure boosters can lead to increased energy usage.

Allana Buick & Bers (ABB) provides expert assessments by mechanical consultants who design a systematic approach to finding a fact-supported diagnosis and resolution.

ABB’s licensed engineers and professional consultants offer cast iron pipe assessments. To properly diagnose piping issues, our staff will look at sections of the piping. Some sections of cast iron pipe will need to be removed to assess the remaining life. Industry standard requires 10% of units (for hotels, AOAO, and multi-family residences) participate in selective removal of cast iron pipe samples. If there are no observable failures, the piping can then be tested by a lab to determine remaining useful life. ABB can then provide an analysis of our observations and the test results to recommend solutions to the owner or facility manager.

The most common warning signs of cast iron piping failure include:

  • Wastewater leakage
  • Seepage on the face of pipes and joints
  • Cracks
  • Gurgling sounds in lower floors
  • Sewer odor

ABB can complete all necessary piping repair construction documents, follow the plans through permitting approvals with local jurisdictions, obtain bids, and provide construction management services through replacement of piping systems.

ABB has experience in evaluating, designing, and managing projects covering all aspects of building plumbing systems.

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