Villa Vicente Apartments – Parking Garage Repairs

Allana Buick & Bers, Inc. (ABB), was retained by the property management group to assess the condition of the garage and to provide construction documents, bid phase services, construction administration and construction monitoring for the rehabilitation of the garage.

The garage is a two-level concrete structure with pre-cast T-beams. It was suffering from water intrusion and spalling concrete, which were responsible for property damage to some tenant’s cars. Movement in the deck between the pre-cast T-beams caused cracks to telegraph through at each pour-strip, allowing water to intrude, corroding the reinforcing rebar as well as leaking into the garage space below. Corrosion of the rebar caused the concrete to spall along the underside of the deck posing as a hazard to the tenants and their property.

ABB’s assessment provided recommendations for water intrusion and spalling concrete while also addressing the issue of upper-level garage deck deflection caused by vehicular traffic. ABB developed CDs based on findings in the report. ABB designed and observed a vehicular traffic coating to correct the water intrusion.

ABB performed design and construction phase services for all systems, assembling and components.