The Bonaventure

Allana Buick & Bers (ABB) was retained by the Bonaventure Condominium Association to provide limited building enclosure evaluation for the Bonaventure Condominiums in Dallas, Texas.

Bonaventure Condominiums is a multi-story property with exterior walls constructed with masonry and flush glazed glass and aluminum curtain wall systems. Each unit has an exterior balcony with exterior walls constructed of storefront glazing and a sliding glass door assembly. Chronic water leaks have been reported by building maintenance personnel at these units at the vertical termination of curtain wall areas, at brick walls, and at the sliding glass balcony doors. Some 20 units have experienced heavy water leakage during recent heavy rainstorms at similar exterior wall and door areas.

The board requested that forensic investigation be conducted on the exterior wall and balcony areas to identify conditions of exterior wall components, recommended remediation, maintenance, and probable cost. In addition, ABB is providing interim repairs to the 20 units currently experiencing heavy water leaks.