Sugar Beach Resort AOAO

Allana Buick & Bers, Inc. (ABB), was retained by the Sugar Beach Resort Apartment Owners Association (AOAO) to provide various mechanical engineering and energy optimization services. Located on Maui, Sugar Beach is a large condominium resort property.

ABB’s scope included investigation, energy analysis, lifecycle cost analysis, design, and construction management services for rooftop mechanical equipment, chilled water piping and pipe insulation and indoor fan coil unit upgrades and repairs.

Deferred maintenance and high humidity rates created challenging operating conditions. Condensation develops on any cold surface that reaches below the dew point temperature of the ambient air. Therefore, it is critical to seal and insulate any of the components of a cooling system to avoid the damaging effects of condensation. In addition to the deterioration of building materials due to excessive water saturation and corrosion, a moist environment provides a virtual breeding ground for fungus, mold and bacterial growth. The following changes resulted in significant energy savings:

  • Provided new dedicated ventilation air conditioning units
  • Replaced existing indoor fan coil units with new “state of the art humidity control” fan coil units.
  • Replaced existing chillers and associated chilled water pumps with new reengineered units based on a variable speed, variable load system.
  • Replaced existing rooftop chilled water supply and return piping and associated pipe insulation with new copper piping, closed cell polyolefin insulation with corrosion resistant metal jacketing.