State of Washington – Western State Hospital

Allana Buick & Bers, Inc. (ABB), was retained by NACI Architecture to provide roof condition assessment services of the 30-building campus of the Western States Hospital (WSH

ABB walked all 30 buildings at WSH to provide a condition assessment, repair vs. replacement budget and roof prioritization for DSA’s planning needs. We prepared a comprehensive report that provided the basis for the upcoming re-roofing and repair projects that WSH was planning.

Our report indicated that some of the roofs were actively leaking and required immediate repairs. ABB provided peer review of NAC’s construction documents for the roof repairs deemed immediate in the report. In this phase our scope included providing technical specifications for roof coatings.

ABB was also retained to provide construction administration, reviewing submittals and shop drawings from the selected contractor. This phase includes site visits during construction to observe and confirm that the work installed conformed to the construction documents.

In late 2010 the roof on Building 6 blew off during a high wind event. ABB was asked to visit the site and assist NAC in preparing a set of construction documents to replace the roof. ABB reviewed the damage and provided a scope of replacement and perimeter edge detailing. Scope also included submittal review and two site visits to confirm that the installation was in accordance with the construction documents.