Hermes Flagship Retail Store

Allana Buick & Bers, Inc. (ABB) was retained by Montes Laudano Architects (MLA) for building envelope consulting services and engineering design of a solar energy system for the Hermès Flagship Retail Store.

This project entailed renovation of an existing 4-story building of approximately 23,000 SF.  The renovation included structural changes to the building as well as a new roof and front façade. The front façade of the building had a custom glass and stone (marble) exterior.

The roof included a rooftop patio, landscape planters, water features and light tunnel which extended into the lower levels of the building.  ABB is to provide solar engineering services including preparation of electrical plans (full details and specifications), local utility submittal coordination and commissioning for a roof mounted grid tied Solar PV system.

The rear elevation included existing cement stucco, steel framed windows and street level stone cladding. The intention was to leave the rear façade in place but evaluate the rear façade to determine if repairs were warranted.