General Motors

Allana Buick & Bers, Inc. (ABB), was retained by General Motors to provide asset management, design development & construction documents, roof replacement, and technical consulting for their Roof Asset Management Program located Worldwide.

ABB in association with Louis Berger & Associates, provided Project Management to General Motors on the implementation of this program. In this capacity, ABB has been responsible for the coordination and management of 5 regional consultants whose initial scope was the survey and design of 90 million square foot of roofing.

ABB assisted General Motor Corporation (GM) Worldwide Facilities Group and Building Tech Association (NAO) in establishing and implementing a Financial Asset Management Program (FAMP) for roofing. The FAMP effort included 38 GM sites around the nation comprising 90 million square foot of roofing replacement and repair. The primary focus of the program was to extend roof life and reduce roofing costs by achieving cost-effective, long- lasting and durable roof installations. In addition, sustaining greater control over the financial management and field implementation of roofing maintenance as it relates to identifications of optimum return on investment.

This aspect of the project was completed in less than 5 weeks, with no disruption to automobile production at any of the 38 sites.