Downtown Jebel Ali Zone 1 – Central Plaza

Allana Buick & Bers, Inc. (ABB), was retained by Rafael Vinoly Architects for waterproofing and building envelope consultation services for the Downtown Jebel Ali Zone 1 Central Plaza in Dubai.

Downtown Jebel Ali Zone 1 Central Plaza is a mixed-use residential, commercial, and retail development, comprising four zones sponsored by Limitless, each anchored by a central plaza located adjacent to a transit station. The two residential towers at the front of the complex, along with a long office tower at the rear, support five stories of office space overhead and are connected by a large sculptural element in the center. Enveloping the entire perimeter of the cube, vertical glass fins define the cubic geometry and reduce the intensity of the desert sun while allowing for views outward and natural daylight through to the interior.

ABB services included roofing, building entrance canopies waterproofing, plaza construction waterproofing, roof terrace, pool and related pool services pits, exterior cladding areas with the exception of glazed systems, balcony waterproofing, below-grade waterproofing, building perimeter at grade waterproofing, and below grade at canal seawall, bridge abutment and related areas.