Science and Technology of Building Seals, Sealants, Glazing and Waterproofing, David H. Nicastro, P.E., Editor 4th Volume

ASTM STP 1243, 1995

The fourth volume in this series provides recent technological advances and developments on sealants, waterproofing, and cognate systems. 18 peer-reviewed papers in 6 categories cover:

  • Joint Design and Sealant Selection
  • Joint Sealant Failures: Case Studies and Methods of Evaluation
  • Structural Silicone Glazing (SSG):Design, Evaluations, and Applications
  • Aesthetic Performance of Sealants
  • Advances in Adhesion Testing and Adhesive Promoters
  • Studies Related to the Long-Term Performance and Aging of Sealants and Gaskets.

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