UC Santa Cruz – Science and Engineering Library

Allana Buick & Bers, Inc. (ABB) was retained by the University of California, Santa Cruz to conduct an extensive forensic investigation and evaluation to remedy significant roof leaks that were threatening a collection of rare and special books.

The investigation included interviews with the maintenance staff to determine the location of leaks and map out likely trouble spots in the roof. A comprehensive engineering analysis and forensic investigation was performed, including mapping the locations of moisture in the roof structure using a nuclear Troxler gauge. Test cuts of the roof were also carried out to verify leak location.

There were indications that the roof structure was retaining water in the insulation and light weight concrete deck. This water was believed to be released when the roof warmed and cracks in the deck opened. The University wanted to know all the sources of leaks, including the possibility that the metal housing of the large “box-car” HVAC units was leaking.

ABB provided a summary report with our findings and repair recommendations.