Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction Document Consulting Services

Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction Document Consulting Services are key phases in the architectural and engineering design process.

Engaging consulting services during these phases enhances the overall quality of the project, ensures compliance with regulations, and helps manage risks associated with construction. We collaborate with specialized consultants to bring diverse expertise to projects.

Schematic Design:

  • Develop preliminary concepts for the building’s enclosure, considering factors such as climate, energy performance, sustainability, and aesthetic preferences.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to define project objectives and establish a clear vision for the building’s enclosure.

Design Development:                                                                                              

  • Elaborate and refine initial concepts.
  • Detailed performance modeling and analyses are used to refine the design to meet performance and architectural goals.

Construction Document:

  • Translate designs into detailed construction documents.
  • Specify and detail every component, from cladding to sealants, for seamless construction execution.

System Selection Consulting

Review of Designer’s Details and Specifications

Construction Phase Consulting

System Selection Consulting

Through our experience with forensics, we have seen firsthand what systems don’t work and why. To assist you through the design process ABB can provide you with systems selection narrative that will outline preferred systems, system requirements and pros and cons of each system so that you can review all avenues available to you and decide what will work for your project.

Review of Designer’s Details and Specifications

A Building Enclosure Review critically examines design details and specifications to ensure the durability and performance of the building envelope. We identify potential issues in the design, from material choices to component integration, ensuring the enclosure stands up to real-world conditions. Through collaboration, we provide feedback to designers, ensuring a visually appealing and functionally robust project.

Construction Phase Consulting

We can provide as-needed on-site consultation services during construction. ABB’s construction consultants are highly trained professionals who understand design intent. Construction consultants assist the team with meetings, help answer RFI questions, and provide design clarifications. They work closely with the designer of record to review drawings and submittals, and periodically conduct site visits to verify design intent.


ABB offers seminars and training classes. All of these courses provide AIA Continuing Education Learning Units.

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