Construction Management and Construction Administration

ABB possesses extensive expertise in evaluating and designing various window and door assemblies, including:

  1. Storefront Systems
  2. Window Wall Systems
  3. Vinyl & Aluminum Windows
  4. Curtain Wall Systems
  5. Fiberglass Windows
  6. Euro-Line Doors
  7. Sliding Glass Doors
  8. Hollow Metal Doors

Our proficiency extends to glazing selection, encompassing specialized insulated, low E, warm edge, fire-resistant, and laminated assemblies. ABB holds unique insights into the seamless integration of windows and doors with major wall cladding systems.

We firmly believe that meticulous attention to detail in back-up waterproofing, drainage paths, and sheet metal flashings is indispensable for ensuring the enduring performance of window and wall systems.

Specializing in the assessment, design, and construction phase services, ABB focuses on curtain wall systems, storefront systems, window walls, and their associated glazing sub-systems. Our extensive experience includes aluminum storefront and curtain wall assemblies for both low and high-rise structures. Factors such as seismic considerations, inelastic drift, glazing slope, energy efficiency, thermal loading, and live loads are all carefully evaluated for both stick assembly and unitized systems.

Our range of storefront and curtain wall assessment and design services includes:

  1. Structural Assessment
  2. Mock-Up Review and Assessment
  3. On-Site Testing per ASTM and AAMA Protocol

Similar to other building enclosure assemblies, we prioritize a thorough understanding and proper detailing of components (sealants, flashings, exterior claddings, waterproofing, and cladding systems) to seamlessly integrate into storefront and curtain wall assemblies.

With a team comprising professional engineers, architects, building technologists, and registered waterproofing consultants, ABB brings extensive assessment and design experience to all major types of skylight assemblies, including structural, drop-in, ventilated, and smoke release types. Our services encompass system selection, structural engineering, waterproofing, roof design integration for new and remedial construction, as well as diagnostic services, including mock-up reviews and on-site performance testing per ASTM and AAMA protocol.

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