Construction Solutions

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Real World Experience

Allana Buick & Bers (ABBAE) custom tailors its teams to meet the specific needs of every client, ensuring the client’s best interests are kept at the forefront.

The assigned ABBAE construction team establishes, prioritizes, coordinates and manages strict guidelines for the entire project team (Owner, Designer & Builder) to follow, to ensure the client’s goals and objectives are met in all areas of concern: quality, cost, and time.

ABBAE is customer-focused, and determined to provide the most innovative construction management available in the industry, and are rigorously educating and training our staff.

Re-Construction Management

ABBAE has extensive expertise providing CM services for post litigation reconstruction of occupied units. We have managed and coordinated numerous projects that involve condominium units remaining occupied during construction. We coordinate with management and owners affected by the project to ensure efficient execution of the reconstruction work with minimal disruptions. We provide detailed reporting and continuous supervision throughout the project to keep the Board of Directors and management abreast of all challenges and progress.