Ocean View Center

Allana Buick & Bers, Inc. (ABB) was retained by the building owner to provide forensic investigation and remedial repair solutions for water leaks related to the exterior of an eight-story commercial office building.

The building was experiencing water intrusion in multiple units on nearly all floors of the concrete mid-rise. Previous remedial repairs by other firms had met with limited success. ABB determined the sources of moisture infiltration and identified the necessary repairs by reviewing existing plans, details, specifications, and building envelope reports. Building staff was consulted to review the documented leak history. Prior repair contracts and visual reviews were analyzed and limited destructive and AAMA 501-94 water testing confirmed suspected leak sources. Initial forensic investigation and water testing were conducted without disruption to the tenants.

A detailed forensic investigation report was prepared that included recommendations for remedial repairs, and engineering cost estimates for each option. ABB determined that the pattern of leaks was due to failure of sealants at the aluminum framed windows, and from hundreds of hairline cracks in the concrete spandrel panels allowing water infiltration. Major problems were corrected prior to commencement of construction operations. High-tech building coatings were used to bridge over spandrel cracks which eliminated the water leaks.