Building mechanical systems are the unseen components of each and every building structure. Although out of sight, they provide comfortable indoor conditions for occupants. Mechanical systems are often prone to deterioration or failure, and can result in damage to other building components. They can also cause excessive water and energy consumption. Due to the inherent complexity of these systems, successful installations require great attention to design detail, proper selection of equipment and system components, and thorough knowledge of system control, operation, and maintenance.

The average building’s mechanical systems consume up to 60% of the structure’s total supplied electricity, and most buildings waste at least 10% additional energy due to inefficient HVAC systems. Take control by implementing strategies that reduce the power consumption of mechanical systems.

Allana Buick & Bers’ (ABB) licensed professionals perform energy audits that identify financially efficient mechanical upgrades. ABB’s comprehensive list of mechanical services can be custom tailored to your needs.