New Construction

Achieving building performance through air and water tightness requires real-world technical knowledge of what makes building envelope systems work and what causes them to fail. Understanding performance of building envelope systems is based on reviewing and testing the long term performance of building envelope assemblies and knowing the common construction mistakes made by tradesmen. ABBAE has conducted thousands of hours of forensic evaluation of premature construction failures and leaks and has learned how to test for performance and diagnose failures.

Building Diagnostics

ABBAE maintains an inventory of the latest in building diagnostic equipment. Our digital thermal imaging equipment and in-house digital low energy X-Ray imaging equipment is operated by certified thermographers and engineers. ABBAE’s non-destructive moisture testing equipment includes Electronic Leak Detection (ELD), nuclear Troxler, and impedance field and resistance gauges. We also have a full digital microscopy laboratory for microscopic documentation of construction materials.

Building System Mock-Ups

Mock-ups can determine contractor sequencing and reveal potential issues before installation.

The ever-increasing complexity of design and innovation in exterior façade construction materials requires owners to consider constructing and testing mock ups. The benefits of constructing a mock up includes the ability to do performance testing and to discover failures before actual construction, and to learn from those results. Mock ups may be built and tested as an actual part of the building, as a stand-alone field model, or in a testing lab. Testing of mock-ups can reveal issues such as:

  • Adhesion
  • Integration of Different Materials
  • Flashings
  • Air and Water Tightness


And answer questions such as:

  • How do the systems transition into each other?
  • Are the systems are air and water tight?


Mock-ups afford the owner an opportunity to make vital design and construction changes before costly construction mistakes are made.


Bridge Mock-Up