Leak Investigation

ABBAE’s Methods for Horizontal / Roofing / Plaza Deck Waterproofing

ABBAE is able to determine leak sources and causes of leaks by utilizing a variety of testing methods including ABBAE’s proven methods and AAMA and ASTM standards. We perform air and water testing on exterior wall elements, windows, curtain walls, roofing systems, below-grade waterproofing, podium slabs, balconies, lanais, stair landings, breezeways, ponds, swimming pools, fountains, plumbing systems, showers and bathrooms; and wall assemblies like, concrete, masonry, operable doors and windows, stucco, siding, and metal panels. Our ASTM testing methods include destructive, non-destructive, water-spray protocols, and electronic leak detection (ELD).

Electronic Leak Detection

ABBAE provides specialized leak detection and membrane performance testing with the most advanced equipment available to perform Electronic Leak Detection (ELD), that is precisely calibrated for each project condition and waterproofing membrane assembly. ABBAE’s highly trained technicians have extensive knowledge and are specialized in all types of waterproofing materials, assemblies, moisture intrusion investigations and forensics. Our proprietary ELD services include both high and low voltage testing, covering horizontal and vertical waterproofing membranes.

In addition to analytical testing, our technicians perform a comprehensive analysis of the waterproofing membrane, including a thorough visual inspection of all details, adjoining materials, and seals. The combined testing and observation investigation are provided in an accurately documented final photographic analysis report.

If, in the event failures or issues are discovered and at the direction of the client, ABBAE will promptly diagnose the issue, prepare a remediation plan for review, and implement repair and/or alteration procedures to assure the issues are resolved.


Leak Testing Methods

To date with industry standards, ABBAE uses leading technology to test and diagnose building performance issues.

Tramex Meter Gauge

Used for structural analysis, the Tramex is a non-destructive meter. The meter produces an x-ray of the foundation condition, and provides an opportunity to scan roofing, walls, and the building envelope for excess moisture.

Troxler Nuclear Density Moisture Gauge

ABBAE uses a Troxler Nuclear Density Gauge to measure moisture. The Troxler Gauge is primarily used to detect leaks throughout the building envelope. The non-destructive test measures moisture by gauging the amount of thermalized neutrons. The neutron source and detector are inside the gauge which is placed directly above the test material surface. The fast neutrons enter the material (usually a roof or exterior wall element) and slow after colliding with hydrogen. The slow, or thermalized neutrons are counted and determine the amount of moisture under the materia


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