Investigation Solutions

Our team of skilled and certified professionals provide investigative services including leak inspection and investigation, condition assessment, due diligence property assessments, forensic investigation, and thermal imaging.  These services are described as follows:

Leak Inspection & Investigation

Our team excels in identifying leak sources and determining causes of leaks.  We assist in developing strategies for temporary leak repairs as well as long-term remedial measures.  We use cutting-edge equipment, perform a variety of ASTM standard tests, and have developed proprietary procedures and analyses for locating leak sources.

Building Diagnostics

We maintain an inventory of the latest in building diagnostic equipment. We maintain a selection of digital thermal imaging equipment that is operated by certified thermographers. Allana Buick & Bers maintains various non-destructive moisture testing equipment including: nuclear, capacitance field, and resistance gauges. We also maintain a full digital microscopy laboratory for microscopic documentation of construction materials.

Condition Assessment

We perform thorough onsite assessments and surveys by reviewing all available construction documents, maintenance records, and other pertinent information.  Our ASTM testing methods include destructive, non-destructive, and water-spray, which conform to ASTM.  Deliverables include a report with all findings, engineering cost projections, and a life-cycle cost analysis with a budget for repairs or replacements.

Due Diligence Property Assessment

Our due diligence services support commercial and mixed-use real estate purchases.  We conduct onsite investigations and reviews of all existing construction documents, maintenance records, and contracts to fully ascertain the status and condition of the building.

Forensic Investigation

Allana Buick & Bers is one of the most highly regarded construction defect expert firms in the United States. Our in-house forensic expertise includes roofing, waterproofing, building envelope systems, structural engineering, and mechanical engineering. We have some of the most sophisticated non-destructive tools in the industry to analyze structures including: portable X-Ray technology, infrared camera, x-ray fluorescence (XRF), nuclear Troxler moisture gauge, and other capacitance and conductance based moisture measuring gauges.

Thermal Imaging Experience

We have in-house capabilities to provide thermal imaging investigations. Infrared technology enables our experts to locate damage and deterioration caused by water leakage in roofing systems, window systems, and wall areas. Digital infrared imaging can be utilized to isolate and identify potential sources of water intrusion. The camera permits visualization of hidden leaks and water intrusion within a building’s assemblies. This technology detects the precise location and path of water intrusion and pinpoints only those building elements in need of repair.