Energy Performance Solutions and Contracting

Energy performance projects offer a complete energy and financing solution for upgrading all aspects of your site’s mechanical, electrical, propane, diesel, water, waste water, and waste streams infrastructure to save energy.   There is no upfront investment, and the savings from these upgrades fully pay for the project so it is cash flow positive from day one.

Most clients are already paying for new infrastructure improvements needed to save energy.   They are simply paying the wrong party, and instead of paying to own more energy efficient equipment, they are paying excessive utility bills for old equipment that consumes energy inefficiently and costs too much to maintain.

Energy performance solutions reduce excessive utility costs and redirects those savings into energy upgrades.  Using an analytical model based on your utility bills, existing systems and infrastructure, building type, and operational functions – we identify, engineer, install, and finance new energy solutions that create significant net savings.  These net savings lead to reduced Operating Expenses and improved Net Operating Income (NOI).  You receive new energy saving equipment and save money immediately.

Our  approach to energy performance projects is unique.  We see the project as your project, acting as the owner’s representative, and work with you to design and develop system infrastructure improvements around the needs for your property.  This model is then implemented with Allana Buick & Bers as your design build contractor using best practices and mitigating risks for our clients.

We simply identify and implement viable projects that pay for themselves through savings. Off balance sheet financing options are used as available and as a primary source.