Allana Buick & Bers Construction Management, LLC

ABBCM Construction Management

Allana Buick & Bers Construction Management, LLC (ABBCM), a fully owned subsidiary of Allana Buick & Bers, Inc., specializes in the construction management of remedial, rehabilitation, energy conservation and generation projects.

ABBCM specializes in the construction management of remedial, rehabilitation, energy conservation and generation projects. Our professional in-house architectural engineering and construction management staff have the expertise to provide turn-key solutions for economic analysis, assessments, planning, and design.

In addition to construction management, ABBCM also specializes in Quality Assurance services such as, Construction Monitoring and Performance Testing for building owners, assuring that each construction project is completed above and beyond clients’ expectations. ABBCM also provides pre-construction services, competitive bidding, Pre-Construction meetings and Construction Administration services.


Four Steps to a Successful Construction ProjectConstruction Management Services

Construction management is one of the most critical parts in the success of a construction project. ABBCM follows four key steps to successfully completing a construction management project.

  1. Act as the Owner’s Advocate. By acting as owner’s advocate, the client can have better control of costs, schedule and conformance to original project goals. ABBCM provides detailed reporting for the duration of the project, so the client is kept aware of progress and potential challenges.
  2. Make sure design and engineering meets the user’s needs. ABBCM’s services include preparing commissioning documents, developing design concepts that meet client’s budgets, and peer reviewing plans and specifications.
  3. Ensure contractors provide excellent pricing, schedule and quality. ABBCM helps the client manage the bidding and contractor selection process through providing a detailed budget and critical path method (CPM) schedule, and procuring work with multiple prime contractors. ABBCM also performs cost and value engineering and is familiar with lean construction technologies.
  4. Work closely with owner and architect throughout the project. ABBCM facilitates direct communication between the client, architects, engineers, and contractors. This is especially key in renovation projects where coordination between management and owners can minimize disruptions in an already occupied building.


Who is ABBCM’s Construction Management Team?

The Construction Management Division includes project executives, Senior Construction Managers, project superintendents and project engineers who have extensive experience in their respective fields. The division is supported by the entire ABBAE Design and Consulting staff to provide solutions to almost any technical challenges and issues that occur. ABBCM is headed by Karim Allana, PE, a licensed general contractor, and formerly with Turner Construction Company.


Renovation Planning 

Once the economics of the renovation project are confirmed, we can assist with developing the renovation program.  This program includes developing the necessary documentation for obtaining the funding, rebates if applicable, and a detailed project schedule to understand site use and tenant occupancy during the renovation project. We are very familiar with projects that remain occupied during construction and special demands such projects produce on design and execution of construction.  We coordinate with management and owners affected by the project to ensure efficient execution of the construction work with minimal disruptions.  We provide detailed reporting and continuous supervision throughout the project to keep the client and management abreast of all challenges and progress.



Allana Buick & Bers develops the renovation design documents for your project ranging from simple paint, window, and door upgrades to extensive new architectural facades, energy upgrades, lighting and interiors.  ABBAE has expertise in both renovation and new construction projects in commercial, industrial, multi-family and public works projects. We have an award winning mechanical and electrical engineering design team with expertise in energy efficiency and data systems.


Construction Management 

Our Construction Management services include procuring the work with multiple prime contractors, coordination scheduling, Construction Administration, and Construction Monitoring services.  Our extensive architectural-engineering design expertise allows for us to have a higher level of control over design, quality, and sustainable construction.  Allana Buick & Bers’ Construction Management services include reviewing plans and specifications, developing a detailed budget, managing the bidding and contractor selection process, creating a critical path method (CPM) schedule, cost engineering, conducting and attending design development meetings, pre-construction meetings, sequencing contractors and outside consultants, and processing progress payments.