Construction Support Solutions

Water intrusion and leaks in buildings are the number one risk factor for any construction project. Allana Buick & Bers helps mitigate risk associated with construction projects by working with owners, architects, contractors to reduce defective construction. Our construction solutions include providing Construction Administration services for design, quality assurance and performance testing services to reduce defective work and design-build services to provide both design and construction services for directly hiring and managing multiple prime and sub-contractors.

We consider the construction phase to be one of the most critical phases in determining the success of a project and for mitigating risk. The best design and construction documents can fail and be risky if the construction is done defectively or improperly. Therefore, proper execution of design intent along with quality assurance inspection and performance testing is the best means of reducing risk, improving building life span, and reducing building operating costs.

Bidding and Procurement –

ABBAE assists Contractors, Architects and Owners to accurately procure and competitively bid sub-contractor scope of work. Often, sub-contractors bid or propose alternate materials and provide clarification and exclusions during the bid. This is a critical phase of the project which requires careful consideration to understand design impacts for costs and risks and is best handled by professionals that understand their respective trades and can assist the team in making informed decisions.

Construction Administration and Quality Assurance Services –

ABBAE’s Construction Administrators are highly trained professionals that understand the intent of the design professionals, especially if ABBAE designed that aspect of the project or acted as the Architect’s consultant. The construction administrators assist the team with pre-construction and coordination meetings with trade contractors, help answer questions and provide design clarifications. Construction administrators work closely with the designer of record to review shop drawings and submittals and periodically conduct site visits to verify if the design intent is being followed.

Construction Monitoring –

Allana Buick & Bers provides full-time and part-time construction monitoring and quality assurance observation services. Our experience has shown that effective construction monitoring has the potential to make the most significant difference in reducing risk, reducing construction defects, achieving a more leak free building, and increasing the life expectancy building envelope systems. Our team of experienced construction monitors has been recognized by industry organizations as experts and consists of specialists in many different façade, roofing and waterproofing trades.

Testing –

ABBAE specializes in performance testing of building envelope assemblies during the mock-up phase, laboratory testing, and in in-situ testing of assemblies. ABBAE can provide ASTM E-1105, AAMA 501, ASTM E-331, ASTM E-2178, ASTM D-5957, ASTM 2128, ASTM E 547, and other methods for testing air and water leakage in the building assembly. ABBAE can also provide both randomized and non-randomized leak testing of assemblies. ABBAE assists with creating the standards for mock-ups and laboratory testing, and verification, inspection and testing of shop fabrication items.

Construction Management –

Allana Buick & Bers has a subsidiary ABBCM that provides construction management and design-build solutions for interior and exterior rehabilitation projects of all kinds, in addition to energy conservation and generation projects.  Our professional in-house architectural engineering and construction management staff has the expertise to provide a turn-key solution for economic analysis, assessments, planning, design, and construction management of complex projects for public and private sector clients. For more information about our construction management solutions, please visit WWW.ABBCM.COM.