Structural Engineering Expertise

The structural design of a building needs to account for load, seismic movement and other forces that affect the building envelope and its structural integrity. It is important that your building has sound structural design and materials, for its longevity and sustainability. We provide structural consulting for:

  • Wood
  • Steel
  • Concrete

Allana Buick & Bers has extensive experience providing structural analysis, seismic retrofits, maintenance, repair and alterations to hundreds of buildings nationwide. Our on-site evaluation of structural systems includes:

  • Review of applicable code under which the buildings were constructed, and review of structural issues that are visible.
  • Review of structural issues for which detailed structural calculations are prepared.
  • Evaluation of Building Code issues based on the requirements of local Codes of Regulations.
  • Other applicable structural regulations and codes as applicable will be checked as necessary for the project.
  • Structural evaluations to determine the extent of current seismic code upgrade requirements or the Probable Maximum Loss (PML) determinations.
  • Review and a search of existing records, will determine the extent to which modifications have been made to the original construction, and the extent to which those modifications may have changed the original structural design intent.
  • On-site evaluation that typically includes a 10% sample visual evaluation of building assemblies and components to provide a reasonable extrapolation of the condition of the project.
  • Investigation by minor probing and non-invasive testing of the various components. (Any coring, probing or similar testing conducted by our staff will be repaired using industry accepted practices).
  • Document our findings with field notes, sketches and digital photographs which will be made available for your review.

Seismic Joint Covers –

Seismic joints are continuous gaps between two or more adjacent and connected structures allowing them to move back and forth without colliding in the event of an earthquake. We specialize in the proper design, selection, diagnosis, and remediation all types of seismic joint covers to allow the buildings to move freely in three dimensions relative to each other while remaining watertight.

Solar Structural –

ABBAE can assist with the following solar structural:

  • Solar Canopies for Parking Structures
  • Custom Racking Solutions
  • Custom Attachments

Probable Maximum Loss (PML) Calculations –

The seismic risk of a structure is the combination of the seismic hazard at the site (the seismic zone where the building is located, and the building’s proximity to known active faults) and the seismic vulnerabilities of the building based on its construction. ABBAE has the capability and experience to provide a Probable Maximum Loss (PML) rating for your buildings to provide you with the financial measure of the seismic risk of the building. The PML is an estimate of the cost to restore the structure to pre-earthquake condition, expressed as a percentage of the replacement value. For example, a 20% PML means that after a given level of earthquake, the cost of repairs is 20% of the replacement value. A building with a 20% PML and a 20% replacement value would have a cost of $200,000 in repairs in that earthquake. Contact us for more information about how ABBAE can prepare such calculations to aid in your decision making process.