Solar HVAC

Solar HVAC are solar-enhanced cooling and heating solutions primarily used in commercial facilities. The technology utilizes the sun’s energy to create fluid temperatures which  can be used to heat water and drive a refrigeration system.

Solar HVAC systems drive high performance air-conditioning absorption chillers and other industrial process heat applications directly from the sunlight. These high performance solar collectors use the same technology as utility-scale solar systems, except in a much smaller package designed for rooftop integration.

Boiler operators should consider Solar HVAC systems wherever there is a simultaneous requirement for chilled water and hot water. Solar HVAC is one of the most efficient rooftop utilization systems available of all the energy technologies. More useful energy can be provided to a building using a solar-enhanced heat pump approach than most competing methods.

A solar enhanced heat pump can provide hot water and hydronic heating at up to 160% efficiency and can be fired with solar or gas/propane. This efficiency is nearly double the efficiency of traditional boilers and offers boiler operators a tremendous way to reduce natural gas or propane consumption.

Allana Buick & Bers can assist with energy analytics, financing analysis, engineering, and construction of your Solar HVAC system.