Upgrade Your Lighting System

Lighting RetrofitAllana Buick & Bers’ experts are knowledgeable in modern lighting technologies that are compliant with new Title 24 requirements. ABBAE can help properly engineer and install new energy efficient lighting systems which will produce an excellent return on investment in usually under 2 years.

Allana Buick & Bers acts as an independent engineering consultant and does not represent any particular technologies or lighting retrofit companies.  Our system selection is dependent on your goals, your finances, your building structure, and what financial incentives are available.


How Energy Efficient Lighting Can Benefit Your Company:

  • Reduces energy and maintenance costs because modern systems (such as electronic lighting ballasts utilizing solid-state circuitry) operate at lower energy consumption rates, last longer, run cooler and decrease demands on HVAC systems
  • Meets U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Certification, and create eligibility for energy tax credits.
  • Lowers energy costs, helps the environment, and improves productivity (due to more natural light quality, less flicker, and improved color)


The Lighting Retrofit Process

  • First a preliminary assessment is performed which consists of collecting data such as intended use of the space, dimming capacity, day lighting and load-shedding potential, maintenance costs, and available utility and tax incentive programs.
  • Our staff can identify opportunities for improvement such as energy efficient lighting equipment, areas where lighting isn’t always needed and even opportunities for better window design to take advantage of natural daylight.
  • We are a full service energy assessment provider and can perform the assessment of your facility, system selection, engineering, bidding, contractor selection, and construction management of the upgrade.