Energy Conservation Measures – Start With An Audit

An energy audit gives the building owner an accurate picture of their options for improving their building’s performance and energy efficiency.  The audit identifies ways to lower maintenance and operating costs, improve energy conservation measures, and increase overall financial rate of return.  Our engineers and technicians perform inspections of HVAC systems, lighting systems, and high-energy-demand equipment.

Based on these findings we generate the following reports:

  • Energy consumption pattern analysis.
  • Cost savings evaluations for installation of new equipment.
  • Detailed incentive programs summary, including qualifying equipment rebates.

We produce drawings and specifications for retrofitting various systems and components including: chilled water plants, hot water systems, solar installations, power factor correction and filtering, lighting systems, and other energy-efficiency upgrades.

We specialize in all types of buildings including commercial, government, educational, healthcare, industrial and hospitality. Allana Buick & Bers performs:

  • Preliminary, General and Investment Grade Audits (IGA)
  • Utility Billing Audits and Benchmarking ASHRAE Level 1-3 Audits