Power Efficiency Solutions

Building owners can lower power bills by utilizing sophisticated electrical energy optimization solutions.

Allana Buick & Bers’ technical solutions include:

  • Power Factor Correction – Reduce kW demand charges.
  • Phase Balancing – Reduce kW demand charges.
  • Harmonic Filtering – Reduce kWh charges.

The equipment reduces the electrical energy supplied by the utility company and improves the overall quality of the power.  The energy performance equipment provides:

  • Magnetic phase balancing of voltage and current to reduce waste, KW demand, friction, and heat in loads.
  • Passive resonance-free power factor correction to reduce the KW demand of reactive non-power currents.
  • Harmonic filtering of non-power currents to reduce the billed kWh consumption.
  • Transient energy conversion of energy above and below the operational voltage of a facility is absorbed, re-constituted, and returned to the customer as usable power.
  • Proprietary chokes generate a current from each phase which is injected into the adjacent phases as usable power, reducing magnetic fields.

Allana Buick & Bers will evaluate your site and recommend solutions to meet your power generation and conservation goals. These solutions, in combination, generally result in 10% to 25% energy savings on a facility 24/7 for both kWh energy and kW demand charges.

  • 1-3 Year Typical Payback
  • Positive Cash flow Day 1 when Financed
  • Lower OPEX and Improve NOI