High Performance Building Solutions

Nearly half of all energy produced in the U.S. is consumed by buildings because many buildings are still designed and constructed with a lack of concern for the environment. Poor choice of building materials and the long terms costs of building operations and maintenance are some of the chief causes of wasted energy in the building sector. Not only do these choices of building materials and methods negatively impact the environment, they also affect the occupants’ comfort and the company’s bottom line. Simple improvements can drastically boost your building’s performance.

On an annual basis, 48.7% of all energy produced in the U.S. is consumed by the building sector – about the same amount of energy consumed by both transportation (28.1%) and industry (23.2%) combined.

Poor HVAC construction and inefficient insulation all lead to a sharp rise in energy consumption and costs. Premature building repairs unnecessarily require additional materials and labor, and adds pressure to landfills and disposal facilities in addition to leaving a larger carbon footprint. Long lasting, durable buildings require fewer repairs, consuming fewer resources in the process.

While buildings are more energy-efficient today than they were fifty years ago, there have been relatively few innovations in building construction and maintenance towards achieving net zero energy usage. Today the average home, school, office, hotel, and commercial structures still wastes enormous amounts of energy and water because they overuse resources in construction and operation.

With our current knowledge and expertise, we are able to repair old buildings and advise on building new structures to optimize performance, reliability, and energy efficiency. Increasing a building’s lifespan through energy efficiency has a long-term positive impact on air quality, carbon footprint, and eventual landfill volume. We aim to increase sustainability through improving the lifespan of a building, improving energy efficiency, and decreasing building maintenance costs. The services and deliverables we offer include:

  • Lighting Retrofit and Upgrades
  • Mechanical and HVAC Optimization
  • Appliance Upgrade and Energy Star Compliance
  • Weatherization and Waterproofing Upgrades
  • Roofing Upgrades
  • Window and Door Upgrades
  • Exterior Wall Upgrades
  • Performance Contracting