Allana Buick & Bers’┬áplaza and traffic bearing deck experience includes new and remedial design and construction administration services. We are familiar with all major waterproofing systems including: fluid applied membranes, self-adhering sheet membranes, bituminous and thermoplastic sheet membranes and composite rubberized asphalt membranes.

We place special emphasis on sheet metal selection, detailing and integration into waterproofing systems. We have learned that thoughtful integration of sheet metal components into a waterproofing system can mean the difference between success and failure.

Tunnel Waterproofing

Tunnels vary in size from water pipelines to large-bore tunnels used for transportation. Waterproofing methodology varies depending on the type of soil/ground that the tunnel is built through, the construction method used to build the tunnel and the required dryness level required inside the tunnel.

Cracks can develop in underground structures due to earth load strains, tectonic and seismic influences. Without proper waterproofing the cracks can allow water to migrate into the structure and possibly damage interior finishes or the structure itself.

We have experience with both closed systems where the entire structure is ‘wrapped’ with a waterproofing system and open systems where the waterproofing membrane channels the water to a sidewall drain. Allana Buick & Bers can assist you with system selection, waterproofing design and quality assurance monitoring during construction.