Commercial and industrial building experts

Allana Buick & Bers has worked with Property Managers for over 30 years providing architectural-engineering and construction services. We understand the responsibility of property managers to represent the owner’s needs for care of their real estate assets.

We specialize in repair and replacement of roofing, waterproofing, siding, stucco, windows, doors, handrails, plumbing, and structural elements of the building. We also provide energy efficiency and renewable energy consultation to property managers and their owners. We work on projects of all sizes – including commercial buildings, office parks, business campuses, and high-rise properties.

As a multi-discipline A/E firm, Allana Buick & Bers provides a full complement of services to its clients; a single source from budgeting through design and from construction to close-out.

Investigation Services –

We assist property managers with expert investigation, condition assessments, and forensic services for all building components. Our team excels in identifying leak sources and determining their causes. We assist in developing strategies for temporary leak repairs as well as long-term remedial measures.

Condition Assessment Services –

We perform thorough onsite investigations and surveys by reviewing all available construction documents, maintenance records, and other pertinent information. Our ASTM testing methods include destructive, non-destructive, and water-spray, which conform to ASTM. Deliverables include a report with all findings, engineering cost projections, and a life-cycle cost analysis with a budget for repairs or replacements.

Due Diligence Services –

Our due diligence services support commercial and mixed use real estate purchases. We conduct onsite investigations and reviews of all existing construction documents, maintenance records, and contracts to fully ascertain the status and condition of the building.

Remedial Design Services –

Allana Buick & Bers provides architectural engineering design services for interior and exterior renovations ranging from simple paint, window, and door upgrades to new exterior facades and roof replacements.