Helping facility managers for over 30 years

Allana Buick & Bers has assisted facility managers on keeping their buildings functioning for over 30 years. We provide solutions for buildings of all sizes, both remedial and new construction projects.  We have provided specialized services to facility managers in the following markets:

  • Commercial, Retail, and Industrial
  • Healthcare and Institutional
  • Hospitality and Recreational
  • Education: K-12, College, and University
  • Municipal and Civic Government
  • State and Federal Government

We have extensive experience ensuring that buildings operate smoothly and efficiently.  We provide a valuable engineering design resource to owners, facilities management, and engineering departments.  Allana Buick & Bers provides the following services for maintenance and capital improvement projects:

  • Investigation and Evaluation
  • Architectural Engineering Design
  • Mechanical and Structural Engineering
  • Construction Document Preparation
  • Construction Administration
  • QA Construction Monitoring
  • Construction Management
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Energy Efficiency Solutions
  • Renewable and Alternative Energy Solutions
  • Energy Financing and Structuring

We bring an experienced depth of knowledge and understanding to each project.  Our primary objective is to provide solutions that will improve the performance and longevity of your building.   We utilize best practices in design and construction to achieve longer lasting buildings, lower maintenance costs, and higher energy efficiency. We have a proven track record of designing long lasting and sustainable repairs.  We can help you reduce energy consumption by designing replacement HVAC systems, energy conservation measures, and various renewable and alternative energy solutions.