Outsource your energy management

Managing the energy consumption and costs for your buildings, plant, or campus can be a difficult task. Maintaining monitoring systems, creating monthly reports, analysis of energy usage trends, and keeping abreast of new technologies and energy programs can be monumental.

Whether your organization is large and has dedicated energy management resources, or a small firm with limited manpower allocation — energy management is a worthwhile cost-savings activity.

Allana Buick & Bers helps firms of all sizes realize potential energy savings in both conservation and generation options. Our holistic approach analyzes the net overall effect of conservation measures on your renewable energy generation options.  We can help you choose the most appropriate system size to eliminate wasteful spending.

We provide energy analytics and financial analysis to make sure your energy endeavor achieves your companies’ financial parameters for ROI. Many of our clients desire to reduce and control utility expenses while preserving capital for their core business.  Allana Buick & Bers can help implement multiple financing solutions that often require zero up-front capital, creating immediate savings.

Our services include:

Energy Performance Contracting –

Energy Performance Contracting is an innovative financing technique that uses energy savings from a building’s operating budget to repay the cost of energy efficient equipment and related energy conservation improvements known as Facility Improvement Measures (FIM).

FIMs may include retrofits to lighting, HVAC and mechanical systems, renewable energy, and energy management and control systems. Building owners make no up-front investment but rather use the energy savings created by the FIMs to fully fund the project over a term that may extend to 20 years.