Supporting Defect Litigation

For over 30 years Allana Buick & Bers has provided attorneys, owners, HOAs, AOAOs, and contractors with forensic, roofing waterproofing, exterior wall, curtain wall, window, structural and mechanical engineering consulting services in support of the construction litigation process.

We provide objective technical assessment of as-built construction; defect analysis, and standard of care for design professionals, manufacturers, and contractors. Our experts have experience in multi-family and single family homes, commercial and industrial buildings, educational facilities, airports, high rises and below-grade structures. Our forensic experience includes testifying for construction defects, manufacturing issues, cost estimating, scheduling issues and standard of care.

When a dispute occurs, we can provide you with an objective technical assessment that is needed to reach resolution. In conjunction with the attorney, Allana Buick & Bers can assist with review of standards of care, quantification of damages, defect analysis, provision of demonstrative evidence and give expert testimony, testimony in deposition, mediation, arbitration or at trial.

Forensic Investigation –

Allana Buick & Bers utilizes the latest technology in forensic tools to determine the source and cause of various construction defects. A comprehensive forensic report can ascertain who or what was at fault for the systems failure.

Expert Witness –

Our experts have the ability to recognize all sides of complex construction defect issues. Our reliable experts will work with your attorney to create a compelling case to resolve disputes. Our experience and ability to effectively communication information in a clear and convincing manner to the legal profession is critical in helping you obtain the desired results.