Understanding the needs of building owners

Allana Buick & Bers specializes in investigative, architectural engineering, energy solutions, and construction management services for building owners.

We take great pride in using our investment mind-set while developing engineering solutions and managing quality construction so that our projects meet the financial objectives of the owner. We have formed partnerships with clients that have led to business relationships spanning the life of the company.

Allana Buick & Bers has the capacity to act as the owner’s representative, managing every step of the project from conception through completion. We begin by understanding the owner’s investment and business objectives and then proceeding into the investigation, design and construction phases. What sets Allana Buick & Bers apart is the ability to offer you a comprehensive solution that meets your financial and operational goals.

Our services for building owners include:

Investigation Services –

We excel in investigating and identifying leak sources, dry rot, and other construction defects. We assist in developing strategies for temporary leak repairs as well as long-term remedial measures. We can perform both non-destructive and destructive testing when investigating your building problems. We use cutting-edge equipment, perform a variety of ASTM standard tests, and have developed proprietary procedures and analyses for determining causation.

Due Diligence Services –

We provide owners with reassurance and peace of mind that you seek in your new investment. In a real estate transaction, effective Due Diligence plays an important role in discovering all important material facts and conditions affecting the property. There are numerous factors that could have an impact on a property’s value and could limit its usage, for business or investment purpose. Thorough investigation of the property and attention to detail is critical to mitigate the risks. We can identify potential increases in value through renovation that other firms may not advise on.

Energy Audit Services –

Our audits help lower costs and increase your overall financial rate of return. We perform HVAC systems, lighting, and high energy demand equipment inspections; energy consumption pattern analysis; cost savings evaluation for installation of new equipment; provision of details on incentive programs and qualifying equipment rebates. Based on audit findings we can design drawings and specifications for various systems and components that can improve your energy conservation measures. We also look at your energy generation options and can determine what alternative or renewable solution may be a fit for your property.

Renovation and Remedial Repair Services –

We specialize in repair and replacement of roofing, waterproofing, siding, stucco, windows, doors, handrails, mechanical, plumbing and structural elements of the building. Some of our services include building evaluation, planning and budgeting, architectural-engineering design, bidding and negotiation, contract administration, and construction management related services.

Building Envelope Commissioning (BECx) Services –

We provide owners with building envelope commissioning services from pre-design through construction, occupancy, and operations. Our intensive quality assurance process meets the goals set by ASHRAE and the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) for building envelope commissioning. Our commissioning services will 1) identify and mitigate issues early to allow the project to remain on schedule; and 2) provide a building that meets the Owner’s Performance Requirements.